Benefits and Discounts

What benefits and/or discounts are offered for retirees on the island?

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We retired here last year. You get preference in banks for service, a small discount on your electricity, if the pharmacy knows you are staying long term you get a discount. The Pharmacy we use my wife was first to use and when I went in I gave the person her name since she was in the system. After about 3 or 4 months we “qualified” to see a doctor in the clinic next to the pharmacy once a month at no cost. It applies to her and me. Haven’t used it yet. We just received our Pension Residency with a card. It now allows us more banking options such as credit cards and loans. People say to tell businesses (not sure which ones) that you are a Pension Resident and you will get the locals price.


Could you give me more info…
We´re thinking about our retirement in Roatan next year.
We would like to built a house. We hace benefits in the construction… could we import our house staff an our car without taxes…?

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