Open for travel

Trying to get information on when Roatan is going to be accepting visitors again. Also if there are going to be any conditions to entry. Any help appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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Hello @Chris,

We received word this week from Central Government stating the following:

  • On Monday, June 8th Honduras will open internally.
  • On Wednesday, July 15th Honduras will open it’s airports and borders to international travel.

I hope this helps.

It does! Many thanks.

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it’s not a given that Roatan will open borders for flights or cruises on July 15th date. That is b being discussed but not approved by the Central Govt. Dino stated it was under discussion. So at this time we are closed done for the foreseeable future.

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Thanks for the clarification Carol. I was not rushing to book a flight just yet. I have been in touch with the Honduran Embassy here in Ottawa, but they were unable to give a clear indication as to what was happening. That is why I reached out here. I figured that “locals” might be more in the loop.

We are very much looking forward to the next trip to Roatan. Gelato in Half Moon Bay is top of my agenda.

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I have heard dates like August 15th for international arrivals, but that is little more than rumor and is as dependable as the weather.

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Any information you get that you can pass on will be appreciated. Thank you.