Working remote in Roatn

Hi folks! Got a question that I haven’t been able to find a clear answer on. I am considering moving to Roatan but would like to continue working for my current company. I can work from anywhere so long as I have an internet connection. From a Honduran immigration perspective, I assume that I will need a visa. Any ideas on this? I would initially do this for 6-12 months to make sure the arrangement is workable. Any thoughts or advice welcome.

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Welcome @BennyK

I’ll leave a thread below with steps to move to Roatan

Will you be earning any Honduran money? I’m trying to think of why you suggest needing a visa?

Hi Cathy. I know I will need more than a tourist visa since we plan to stay more than 90 days. I would not be earning Honduran money, hence my questioning what visa I may or may not need. If I am working from Florida, the UK or Roatan, my employer doesn’t care. But I also don’t want the Honduran government getting upset with me. Thanks for any advice!

to stay longer than 90 days you will have to apply for residency… no matter if you work or not. If you arent doing business with Honduran customers, the tax situation is moot. Many expats work and live down here with no tax implications from Honduras. However, it is frowned upon to extend your visa time without residency…Fines occur and eventually you wont be able to come in and out regularly.

Carol explained it perfectly.

everyone has their favorites realtor and lawyer here so while Matt and Margo may be his favorite…RE/MAX and specifically Annie Miles is mine. Lawyers for real estate? Keena Haylock. I’ve heard bad things about Gio’s firm because he forgets or loses or gets waylaid with other business and your case goes untouched for months… but that’s other people’s experience… Think of it this way: there are many lawyers and realtors…be sure to do your due diligence for your special needs.

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I feel you on this because that is my goal in the future. Kansas is pretty boring. Lol. But i am a dual citizen so i can stay as long as I want no problems. As soon as i get this coding degree definitely moving out there