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Roatan Bitcoin Community

ROATAN BITCOIN COMMUNITY: Use this category to discuss Bitcoin and its adoption, growth, and impact on the island of Roatan. Please note, this is not a “Crypto” category. This is a Bitcoin Category. Bye Banks, buy Bitcoin, and HODL.

Community Updates

COMMUNITY UPDATES: In this category, we will share community updates and official communications coming from the Mayors or Governor’s office. Please be sure to follow the community guidelines when commenting.

Roatan Expats Forum

EXPATS FORUM: A great place to connect and meet Expats living in Roatan. One of the best ways to get the most of living in Roatan is to connect with the local community of both locals and Expats.

Real Estate Forum

REAL ESTATE: Roatan Real Estate listings and information about where to buy and how to buy real estate in Roatan. This Roatan Real Estate forum can help you get answers to your questions.

Things To Do Forum

THINGS TO DO: Roatan offers a variety of Things To Do. Many of the most exciting activities are free and right on the water. But there are a few activities which you might not know about. Let’s discuss them.

Scuba Shop Forum

THE SCUBA SHOP: The Scuba Shop is a scuba operator in Roatan, Honduras. Furthermore, they are an online retailer of scuba equipment. As you consider scuba on Roatan, be sure to contact the Scuba Shop.

Garifuna People

THE GARIFUNA are a mix of people from West Africa, Carib Islands, and Central Africa. Known by British colonial administrators in the early days as “Black Carib” and “Garifuna” so that they could be distinguished from “Red” or “Yellow” Caribs which were the original Amerindian population before intermixing with Africans.

Little French Key Forum

The Little French Key FORUM is a place for travelers to ask questions about Little French Key. Questions will be answered by LFK staff, community moderators, and previous visitors to Little French Key. Welcome.

Pro Services Forum

PRO SERVICES: There are a variety of reasons why you might need of a professional service. In this forum, we’ll help you connect with attorneys, dentist, medical clinics, yoga instructors, and more.

Gumbalimba Park

GUMBALIMBA FORUM: This forum is to ask and answer questions about Gumbalimba Park in Roatan Honduras. Gumbalimba Park is a perfect way to spend your day while in Roatan. With adventures offered from the treetops to the waterfront, there is sure to be something to please everyone in your group.

Blue Island Divers

BLUE ISLAND DIVERS FORUM: In this category, we address questions related to Blue Island Divers. Ask questions about accommodations, scuba packages, reservations, meals, and activities.

Master Guide

ROATAN GUIDE: This Master Roatan Guide was created to help our readers better understand Roatan. It is particularly helpful to those looking to invest, move, or get the most out of their time on Roatan.

Roatan Crypto Community

CRYPTO TRAVEL: A general discussion about using Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies to travel to and get around Roatan. Money is changing, and the way we transact with one another and our visitors is also changing. Let’s discuss.

Roatan Resorts Forum

ROATAN RESORTS: Plan where to stay in Roatan. In this forum, you’ll be able to get in touch with local hotel owners and managers to ensure you iron out the details of your staty before your arrival.

Guided Tours Forum

TOUR GUIDES: Connect with local tour operators ahead of your next arrival on Roatan. You’ll get the most of your trip if you coordinate and plan directly with your tour guide ahead of time. Let’s get started.

Nonprofits Forum

NON-PROFITS: The community of Roatan benefits greatly by volunteers and the work carried out by non-profit organizations. Here we’ll share some of the impact that non-profits are having on Roatan.

Transportation Forum

TRANSPORTATION: In this forum, we’ll discuss the various transportation options available on Roatan. We’ll help you find an operator and determine which transportation method best fits your needs.

Roatan Fishing Forum

ROATAN FISHING: Roatan offers a world-class fishing experience for anglers of all levels. In this forum, we’ll help you plan your trip and connect with fishing guides who know the waters around Roatan well.


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