DOMAIN: "Roatan.Realestate"



BEST USE CASE FOR: http:// Roatan.RealEstate?

We recently acquired the domain name, “Roatan.Realestate” (@Roatan.Realestate) and we’re hoping you can help us determine the highest and best use of this domain.

Domain Usage Survey

  • Make it available to All Brokers
  • Make it available to one brokerage firm
  • Use it to list For Sale By Owner properties
  • Sell it to the highest bidder
  • Lease it
  • Do nothing, there isn’t a need

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Take the path of least resistance. Develop it for Brokers in exchange for a subscription. Let them drive the content.


None of the above. List only top tier properties on it. Quality over quantity.


Getting consensus around any common good on Roatan can be challenging. Getting consensus among brokers will be nearly impossible. Save yourself the headache and proceed on your own or make this available to only one reputable broker. It won’t wont any other way.