Getaway Tours (VIDEO & Website)


A warm welcome to the folks from Getaway Tours. Few people know the reef from a snorkeling perspective as do Getaway Tours. They have recently added a Subwing to their tour services. Here is a highlight video of our time together: @Getaway_tours

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Thank you for the amazing video! We are a tour company own by locals with many years of experience. We offer tours from shallow water snorkels to beautiful reef walls also we can take it to the extreme for those freediving lovers with visits to caves to wrecks. And for something new with night snorkels. And many more activities like Subwing, fishing and private charters from Island to the island. Visit us at

Roatan Getaway Tours Page

Radical video man!!!..what is the name of the shipwreck where you are skin diving? That looks like a fun dive. Please tell us more about this snorkeling site.