Official website for covid entry protocol?

I’ve heard and understand that currently if you’re vaccinated then you don’t need a negative covid test to enter Honduras.

Or if you aren’t vaccinated then you need a negative covid test within 72 hours of arrival.

And then you must fill out an entry/pre-approval form at

I’d like to know if there is an official government website that states the entry protocol, as I’d like to double check this information.

I’d also like to know the official website stating this so that I may check it periodically for any updates to this current entry protocol.

Please let me know!

There is not an official website but we make sure to post every update here. So far, these are the requirements:

For more information you can contact us via email at

Thank you for the info. I was just told by my hotel that the health form is no longer required and that I only need to complete the precheck link.

Is that the case?

Does vaccinated mean you’ve had two shots and booster or just the two shots?

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@Ndesi001 the health form appears after you complete the precheck form, if it shows up, fill it in.

@Johntom vaccinated mean two shots, if you have more shots it’s fine too.