Padi Dive Shops in Roatan?

Years ago and dove with a dive shop and they wheeled out gear out to and from the boat, they were top notch and they totally enhanced my experience. It was a “5 Star Padi Shop”. Are there any of these in Roatan?

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Yes, there are a few 5 star shops in Roatan.

For a recommendations try these


@landed - How did you come up with the short list above? Is the list, in fact, a list of who holds a 5 star ranking? or are there others that have the ranking, but these stand out among them?

I dove with West Bay Divers, and they were phenomenal. I would highly recommend them. They have the added benefit that they are located on West Bay, one of my favorite places in the world to dive.


There are other shops with a 5 star ranking but I have experience with CTD and Westend Divers. I do rate roatan divers though through the grapevine and I hope to dive with them one day soon.

The best way to rate a diveshop in Roatan is in the size of the dive boats matches the size of group you like to dive with. Their willingness to dive where you want to go etc…so customer service should be high on their list.

I think you can go with any and have a fab time TBH.


West Bay Divers does a nice job. Without a doubt they are a level 5 shop and they put out a good product. They don’t have large boats, as does Anthony’s key, HOWEVER, they don’t run large groups. Most of the dives I’ve made with them were with small groups and they made for a very interesting experience. I personally like the smaller boats as they make the “local” experience more real.

Anthony’s Key has to be on the list as a level 5 operator. They are the oldest in the business of all the local operators and they’ve been doing a good job for a very very long time. Get ready to dive in large numbers, that is their draw back. Further to that, when you’re on Anthony’s Key, you’re on Anthony’s Key. You are NOT in Roatan. They do a good job of “inhuming” the dive experience. Great if you’re staying with them at the hotel, bad if you want to get out and see the rest of the island.


Barefoot Divers is missing from the list. They are located on the south side of the island and the water there is a bit more choppy than it is on the north side. I would would only dive there after being certified. But if you are looking for a place to get certified, dive along the north shore.


The only exception to this is when a “cold front” hits. The winds normally change and the south side becomes the calm side of Roatan.


Reef Gliders Dive Center is a 5 Star Padi resort located in the heart of West End. We set up your gear for you and you don’t have to worry about carrying anything but wet suit, fins and mask. Valet diving is what we call it.


Reef Gliders is also a 5 Star Padi Resort that offers valet diving.