Roatan Diving Website

Roatan Diving is a website geared up for divers looking for info on diving in Roatan. Founded by myself who came long ago and learned most of my diving on the island to divemaster level the island has a special place in my heart. The site will always be a work in progress so I cordially invite all contributors for reviews and listings. So if you have a dive shop please get in touch via twitter @roatantravel.


@landed - I noticed that @adam 's Ocean Connections is not listed in your site, yet he appears to rent out dive gear and lead dives. How does one go about getting listed on your dive website?


One can contact them on twitter via @roatantravel (or email and ask directly - even better if you link to their website then they are likely to list you for free and strike up a relationship.


Regarding Island Connections -

Yes, they do have a website and it is showcased here. INMHO, they should be listed in all serious publications and websites, as they operate out of one of the busy towns in Roatan. - Or maybe that is why they don’t have a need to?..foot traffic.

We did a link exchange with @RoatanTravel and had a nice experience doing so.

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