Starting a business on Roatan?

What are the tax implications? Business fees or costs?
What about hiring local? Is there anyone who could chat about those costs ?


Hello there @sierraml,

The first order of business would be to read this piece from the Roatan Tourism Bureau website:

Hi! I have read that :slight_smile: its more getting someone who is local and can really talk about rates etc. and issues that they see with opening a business there.

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Aré you on the island? Or do you have a US or Canadian phone number? - happy to speak. Until then, feel free to posts specific questions here and we will provide specific responses which may help you and others in the future.

I am in the US! I just visited Roatan earlier this month and fell in love. Let me know when is a good time to speak!

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Sounds good. I will send you a PM so that we can schedule a short phone call. Happy to be in touch.

This is a careful balance and you should consult an attorney or tax expert. On the one hand, if you are a US citizen, the IRS expects you to pay taxes on any and all income. On the other hand, you are also expected to pay taxes in Honduras. That said, much of this depends on the type of business you intend to operate and if you intend to have a brick and mortal location.

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