Update on Masks and Covid Testing

As of June 12 2022, since it appears the US is not requiring a negative covid test prior to flying to the US, I’m wondering if in fact the airline personell (and any other authority) at the Roatan airport have gotten the message.

They should know about it! But Honduras still requires the vaccination card or negative test prior your arrival to the country

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Still the case in Q1-2023?

you can check the previous thread

So we filled in the Prechequeo online. It says you are supposed to receive an email after. No email arrived (and I’ve checked the junk file). Asked the system to resend twice….still nothing. From what I’ve read, the email contains a link to a health form that must also be completed. Is that correct?

Edit- email confirmations arrived but nothing related to health form. Would appreciate knowing if this is still required.


ALL Travelers Vaccinated or Not MUST:

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Thanks. Went ahead and filled it in. Good thing there are forums like this to help you sort things out.

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