Updated Airport regulations regarding COVID-19

I’m considering visiting Roatan in July of 2021 for a week. At present my understanding is that a negative covid test is required for re-admittance to the US. Where and how are people getting tested prior to their return to the US?


Hi @Justin

Welcome to our community. There are some requirements you must follow to entering/leaving the country. Here’s a thread of the requirements:

You’ll have to present a negative test result before entering Honduras. If you are coming from the USA, you’ll have to perform a PCR/Antigen before leaving Honduras. Roatan has hospitals and clinics. Click on the following link to get to know the medical services on the island Medical Services — ROATAN
Prices range from $70+. You will have to contact a clinic for appointments. Options are: UNIMED roatan@unimedhs.com, Anthony Key’s Clinic, Woods Clinic.

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