Which dive operators have the strictest Covid procedures?

My son and I are booked for a June trip and want to dive. I had planned to come before the crap hit the fan, but American cancelled all flights and the trip was off. As the title says, which operators are known for their attention to detail regarding hygiene and proper sterilization? Thanks!


Hi @Johntom

Without a doubt, https://scuba.shop/ offers what you are looking for. Please send us an email at ok@scuba.shop
Our instructor Suly, will be more than happy to assist you with all the information you need.

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Thanks for the reply, I’ll check it out. I’m most interested in how the regulators and BC’s are sterilized. What type solution, new mouthpiece?, etc.


Hello there @Johntom,

We are very Intensional in treating our regulators after ever dive and we encourage our guest to use a new mouth piece when a reg is assign to them. They can bring their own, or they can buy one from us.

In either case, let us know you’re coming and I’ll donate a mouth piece to you.

PS- we’ll kill a few lionfish along the way too!

Emilio | Scuba Shop Diver
WhatsApp: +504 3293-4293

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