Changed cruise date for 2021

I booked for next year but need to change my date. I sent an email but no response. What’s the best way to get my reservation changed?


You can email LFK at:

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I’ve tried those options and I still haven’t heard back about my planned October trip that needs to be refunded because Carnival cancelled cruises

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@Amy_Felton have you tried PMing them via Facebook?

Hello @Mandy_McLellan @Amy_Felton

At the moment LFK does not have its customer service team, there is no one answering customer inquiries and that explains the lack of responses. Operations will resume eventually, it can be in October-January, we don’t have an accurate answer yet. Surely, they will contact their guests as soon as they open. In cases like these, for next time you should consider booking with Roatan Online instead. See link below: (We will and we did issue all refunds requested).

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