Cancelled Cruises, how to get refund

Greetings LFK,
With Carnival cancelling all sailings through October 31, 2020, how can we cancel our reservations to LFK. We were scheduled to arrive 10/21/2020 but now we are not able to come due to the cruise ship cancelling. I have emailed the info@littlefrenchkey as well as the last contact person I had Aylin but have been unsuccessful with getting a response. Please advise what steps to take to request cancellation and refund.
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Hi – are you talking LFK the resort? If so I would contact them directly on the phone, I had to call AKR on the phone to change my reservation for a scuba diving trip. If it is through Carnival cruise line, I would phone them directly. (I know when I had to cancel my airfare - it took them about 24 hours to get back to me – my hold time was 17 hours, but that was back in May)

Here is LFK’s number just in case you need it PHONE (504) 9808-4809

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Good luck…I’ve been trying to get a refund since my cruise was cancelled in March 2020. Send monthly emails and keep getting the round around with covid being the response for no refunds being issued. Last monthly email 8/1 didn’t even get a response. I keep trying…it’s very frustrating.

Hello @Sdjuggalo99 @urbaneve @Kathy_Nisch

We have been told that at the moment LFK does not have its customer service team, there is no one answering customer inquiries and that explains the lack of responses. Operations will resume eventually, it can be in November-January, we don’t have an accurate answer yet. At the moment, civilians are still in quarantine, and circulating one day every 2 weeks. When operations resume, someone will contact you regarding your complaint.

So if we are scheduled to have a trip in October and it is not going to be until Nov-Jan before a possible response will we still be getting a full refund? It is clearly out of our hands if the cruises are cancelled and there is limited to no staff on the Island. Hopefully this will be settled when they return.

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Hello @Sdjuggalo99 - It is our understanding that LFK has not been issuing refunds. Instead, they’ve made efforts to simply reschedule your reservation.

If you are interested in a “no questions asked” refund, consider booking with Roatan Online instead. See link below: (We will and we did issue all refunds requested).