Cigar opportunities?

As I stated in my first post, I’m going to be visiting the island for the first time the week of the 27th. I’m a big cigar fan, and I see there is at least one cigar shop on the island. Anything else that might be interesting to a cigar smoker?


Hello @jimscott007, yes, there is a cigar shop on West End. There are small assortment of cigars at the airport and in West Bay as well.

We have a personal relationship the owner of “Leaf by Oscar” (Oscar Valladares) who has product in the West End store. If you need anything else, by way of a special order, let us know and put you in touch with him.

Hello Jim! This is Oscar, Frank’s Cigar is the name of the shop at west end. They carry our lines. Specially The Oscar Habano awarded as Best Brand Honduras in 2017, 2012 by Oscar Corojo rated 17 in the Top 25 of 2017 and Our Oscar Valladares Ciseron Edition rated #10 in the Top 25 of 2018 of cigar Journal. Also our Leaf by Oscar Blends! If there’s anything we can help let us know.


I’m definitely a fan of Leaf by Oscar! I’m hoping to get over to Frank’s and will definitely pick up the Habano. Thanks for the reply!


This looks like a blondie…there is a darker Leaf which I recommend, also by @ovcigars

Great tasting cigar. May I ask, where did you come across it? - it is definitely growing in popularity and you cannot beat the wrapping!

A top Honduran Cigar, to be sure.

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It was the Maduro actually. I picked it up from a shop here in Phoenix. Those pics are from two years ago actually lol. Let me know if you want me to bring some cigars. I’ve got an 18 bottle count wine fridge full of cigars :slightly_smiling_face:


We are really close to our move to Roatan and are finishing up the shipping piece. I have about 500 cigars in my personal humidor and I’m wondering how to get them to the island. I read that I can’t bring them in my luggage. Has anyone moved with a significant amount of cigars?


This is a question for @ovcigars - Oscar may have better insight on this.

I like a nice Robusto myself…

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