On my way to the island

Hi everyone. I’m coming to the island on January 19, 2019. I hope to visit some properties with the help of my realtor. Any place in particular where the expats hang out at? I’d love to meet up and get your impression and ideas about making the big retirement move to Roatan.



Hello @donald6714, and welcome to the forum.

Where in Roatan will you be staying?

There are a few places where expats like to hangout.

You may consider Sun Downers in West End.

You may consider Jonesville Point Marina on the east end. Ask for Sherri (@EastEndManager)

Tell us more about your tentative agenda and I will do what I can to point you in the right direction.


Hello @donald6714, welcome.

Another option for you is Lionfish Louie’s.

You may also consider reading this article by @ledfutt which mentions a few hangouts.

Anything else, let us know here…we’ll set you up.


Donald, the Sunken Fish is a good place to dine with other Expats. Sundowners is good too if you’re in West End and looking for a bar by the beach with a bunch of whities. C’mon on down.


Hey Don!
Come on out to Jonesville Point Marina on the islands east side!! Every Tuesday we have live music!! Open 7 days 10-7.
Also join East End Roatan Happenings to see what other great things are going on here on the east end!!
Have Fun!


Thanks for the feed back everyone. I’ll be hanging my hat at the Las Rocas Resort while I’m on the island.


Hola! Welcome to Roatan! Since you are staying at Los Rocas. Head out to the Hangover Hut on Saturday nights for music and fun with expats and locals - located behind Banarama dive resort. The owner Wy most nights is there along with a bunch of expats (friends/regulars)will welcome you. On Thursday nights meander over to Celestes Island cuisine restaurant on the main road located in West bay lodge on the main road. Thursday night’s you enjoy a yummy meal and listen to Summer Dawn on keyboard playing some of your favorite tunes. -)


Just left the Hang Over Hut. Great place. Good food, music and people.

Thanks Anna!!

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Great! Did you go on a Saturday night? They have fun music and the cool West Bay gang that plays/meets up there.


I followed the sound of the Beatles. It led me there lol.


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