Finding the right Dive Shop

Find the right Dive Operator

The main attraction in Roatan, diving. Scuba-diving is most enjoyable when you have clear water, and the conditions are just right. By enlarge, Roatan offers both tranquil and clear water and world-class marine life. But what most take for granted are the dive operators. Dive operators can enhance your diving experience, or they can flat out ruin it. Here is a short guide in how to best choose the right dive shop.


North vs South Sides

Roatan offers different types of diving based on first and foremost on the terrain. The southern shore of the island is windy. The southern shore is comprised of dramatic coral life and reef formation. This part of the island is far more aggressive than the northern shore. The north is calm, like a bed of roses. It is colorful and rich with excellent formations as well. The coral that grows on both the north and the southern sides of the Roatan vary as currents and depth also vary.


I absolutely agree. Certified divers get more out of their dive as well, as local operators know the reef and understand the habitat. The East side of Roatan is quickly becoming more attractive to divers. Dive sites appear to be less congested.


PRO TIP: If you are among those who get seasick more easily, you may consider diving with a resort that dives out of a larger dive boats. A good example of this would be Anthony’s Key Resort.