First time trip Jan 27th!


Hello @jimscott007, you won’t regret diving with @Blueisland divers. You can put your name on the daily dive board when you arrive on Roatan, or if you prefer to book in advance you can BOOK ONLINE via our website.

If you need the contact details for the 4Wheeler guy, let me know and I’ll PM you his number.

We’ll do what we can to make the most of your time on Roatan.


Hello! And welcome to the East End!!! You will find yourself in the midst of the unspoiled side of the island. There is great diving right at Marble Hill Farms, Dive Pangea in Camp Bay, Subway watersports and the Reef House. You can take a water taxi from Oakridge for an afternoon exploring the south shore. The mangrove tour with a stop for lunch and a drink at Trico Bar and Grill. There is also stop to make like The Happy Landing, Hole in the Wall, BJ’s, Turtle Shack. Swimming in the Blue Hole is always fun (along with the mangrove tour).
Roatan Executive Realty is also a good choice to speak to.
Have a great trip and enjoy the island!
East End Roatan Property Solutions/Jonesville Point Marina


Hey Sherri!

This is the first I’m hearing of the blue hole! I swam in one in the Dominican Republic and it was awesome. We are so excited for our trip! And mostly excited to see everything in the East End.

We will see you in about a week!


Come sail and snorkel with us and our pups on the east side to port royal or a full day down to west end from parrot tree. Small groups 2-6 people.


Just a little follow up to this wonderful thread. We had such a magical time in Roatan, thanks in no small part to this thread, that we decided to buy land! Thanks to everyone here who gave us advice and ideas. We are thrilled to start our island life!


That is just great @jimscott007 - Congratulations on taking this important step forward. Further still, thank you for taking a moment to circle back around and update us on your progress.

Welcome to Roatan and we look forward to meeting you soon!


Oh wonderful @jimscott007, CONGRATULATIONS.
Where in Roatan will you be settling in? How was your buying experience? Always nice to hear a success story from our forum.


We bought a lot in Mariposa on Caribe Pointe. So far the buying experience has been excellent. Tom at Mariposa has been super helpful and eager to work with us. Soon we will start the building process!