Suggestions for safety while exploring Roatan by car

We will be on Roatan for 2 weeks starting Feb 15, with a rental car. We are staying in West End, Oakridge Cay, and near Politilly Bight during our trip.

Anything we need to know about keeping safe while exploring the island by car? I’m thinking mostly of personal safety as we are out and about, not so much car safety. We’re hoping to move around quite a bit seeing sights and local spots.


What things would you do to be safe if you were in Houston Texas New York City or LA. Roatan is no different.

  1. Don’t offer rides to anyone hitchhiking.
  • we DO give rides, living here, but they (everyone) rides in the back of the truck bed. Never in the cab; and always adults (no kids).
  1. Don’t stop for anyone appearing to be in need of roadside assistance or an accident.
  • there are people here to respond and take care of those situations.
    Nothing a visiting person/couple needs to worry about.
    Don’t stress; don’t feel guilty for not stopping.
    It’s not your neighborhood, town/city; county; state; nor your country.
  1. Don’t travel or be out after dark.
    *our personal rule of thumb is to be home and settled in before dark.
    If you’re in West End or West Bay, maybe walk in a group if nightlife is that important.
    Otherwise remember safety is more important.
    **out East (Politilly & Oak Ridge) it’s a bit more remote & the streetlights are not plentiful.
    Also the errant Cow or Horse may be standing on the warm (dark) road at night (and daytime).
    ENJOY and take it all in.
    It’s incredible here.