Hello from San Pedro Sula

Hello all,

My name is Leonel.

I live in San Pedro Sula and I am a regular visitor to the Bay Islands…Roatan is my favorite. I normally travel to Roatan via the ferry. I am a graduate of Lousiana Tech University. I am an Agricultural Engineer here in Honduras.

The forum (I guess they call them “discussion boards” these days) is a welcoming site and I think it will be a good addition to Roatan.

Thank you for having me.



Welcome aboard Leonel…and might I also add, “Nice Username”…! :wink:

Welcome @BitcoinBeachRoatan. I am also fairly new and agree with you that the forum can be a force for good. I have a few friends in La Ceiba who worked for the Standard Fruit Company back in the day. They still enjoy hearing the siren alert that goes off in La Ceiba every day.

Again, welcome.

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Welcome aboard @BitcoinBeachRoatan (Leonel)! It’s great to have increasing numbers and insight to the community. I am often intrigued by the agricultural world of Honduras and Central America.

Enjoy this growing community!

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It is an unspoken rule that anyone who sports an Omega watch gets into the forum free of charge.

Welcome aboard sir.

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Thank you, everyone, for the kind and welcoming notes. Please, if you ever need anything from San Pedro Sula, don’t hesitate in letting me know.


Welcome to the Community Leonel. Nice to have San Pedro Sula represented!

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