Hyperbaric Chamber in Roatan

Hyperbaric Chamber in Roatan

Anthony’s Key Resort (AKR) has the only hyperbaric chamber on Roatan.

AKR also has a medical clinic on-site. There is little doubt that Scuba Diving is one of the main attractions on Roatan. A hyperbaric chamber on Roatan is critical in ensuring the safety and proper treatment of scuba diving related issues. The medical clinic in Anthony’s Key Resort is open and available to the entire island, but the clinic is largely used by residents on the west side of the island.

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Anthony’s Key has always been a sort of “backbone” for Roatan. There stop impressing me. Dive shop, gift shop, dolphins, their own key, and also Hyperbaric chamber?..wow. Good for them. With all the diving going on the island, its nice to know there is at least one of these on the island.

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