Is Travel Insurance the same as Diver Insurance?

This might be a silly question, but when we travel to Roatan for Scuba, then we must understand where one type of policy ends and another policy begins.

From what I can tell, unless you have an insurance plan that covers you when traveling and diving, then DAN or any other type of dive insurance is a good idea. I recently was getting back on a dive boat, crawling up the ladder, and my foot slipped and became stuck between the ladder and the boat, causing me to fall and really injure my foot. IF I had DAN insurance then, it would have paid for it. My bad. I remember that our insurance policy in the states was particular to what you were doing. Flying a plane, you weren’t covered. Scuba may fall under an extreme sport.

Many travel insurance policies will cover diving in less than 90 feet of water. Some policies do exclude diving for medical coverage or evacuation coverage. All policies will cover the rest of your trip, so it is prudent to have a general travel insurance policy with all of its coverage advantages. There are far more chances for an insurance claim on the rest of your trip than the few times you are diving.

Hurting your foot climbing back in the boat after a dive is one of those grey areas. You were not diving at the time, but you were returning to the boat from a dive. Some insurance companies may not cover this injury under these circumstances. All insurance companies must process their claims according to the details listed in the coverage certificate, so read this certificate before you buy the plan to make sure you have the coverage you need.


Thank you for the knowledge @tripinsurance -

By way of a short follow up:

  • How much time does it take to complete the purchase of trip insurance?
  • Does it have to be purchased before the trip?
  • Can it be purchased after arriving on Roatan?

In my younger years, I just felt travel insurance was “not needed” but I now realize it is actually affordable. And so if it is also easy to acquire, I want to be sure our readership also understands that process as well.

It would be nice if one did not have to choose between DAN and Trip Insurance. Combine them and call it “Island Insurance”.