DAN Dive Insurance VS Travel Insurance

I believe Travel Insurance and Dive Insurance can be very different. Travel insurance usually covers you if your flight is cancelled, if you get sick and can’t make the trip, if your flight has to divert and you miss 3 days vacation, then travel insurance kicks in. Dive insurance is for diving mainly. I dive and I stupidly never had DAN until my friend got decompression sickness and spent 4 days in the Hyperbaric Chamber at Anthony’s Key resort on Roatan. It cost $4000.00. DAN insurance will cover that, they will also cover you if you have an accident on Roatan, say you trip and fall in a pothole. You’re covered. DAN also offers travel insurance for your trip. I highly suggest if you plan to dive or do anything exciting on your trip, look into DAN insurance. It isn’t expensive and is well worth the peace of mind it provides.

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Very nice feedback and commentary. I don’t think I realized that Dan insurance coverage extends beyond the water. As a Divemaster, I should know that. Shame on me.

Thank you again for the comments.

Here is a link directly to the Divers Alert Network (DAN):


This is very informative I’ll be sure to get insurance on my next dive trip. Thanks for the post.

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DAN’s basic insurance is only $35.00/year, $55.00 for a family. (I don’t work for or promote DAN, I just think it’s an excellent idea for divers/travelers to have it)

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This is a no brainer, do both, they are cheap. If you’re on a Dive Trip, and had to choose only one, I would get DAN. If I were on the island just to site see, and had to pick online one, get Travel Insurance. But for heavens sake, get both. These are cheap policies. What exactly are we talking about here? :wink: