LFK question for large groups and sloths

Hello! I have a group of about 12-15 people looking to book a few different excursions at LFK for May 2020. My first question is, is there a discount code for a group this large?

The 2nd question is about the Sloth&Island package. We have a 2 14 y/o children going and would need to be paid for as adults. Is there not another option for this age since they won’t be able to get the “well drinks” that are included at this price? We were just going to get them the basic discovery package before the sloth option was added.

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Hello @MeCoe,
The discount code for parties of 10 or more is: LFK10PLUS - this code is for booking on the Roatan Online website: https://Roatan.Online

As for the sloths tour and the children, you may consider booking them a discovery package for LFK access and then a sloth day pass from the drop down menu on the sloth page: https://roatan.online/roatan-sloth-sancturary

Hello @MeCoe please provide us with your best email so we can clear all your doubts or send us an email with your inquiries at info@littlefrenchkey.com

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