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my wife and I are interested in the mayatlantis package , but would also like to visit the sloth farm . Is it possible to add the farm to our package ?

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Hi @matt

You can book The Mayatlantis package and add the sloth activity for $12 per person upon arrival or buy the Sloth package (which I recommend) and add the mayatlantis activity once you arrive at LFK. Transportation is included, and the drivers are in charge of dropping you off at AJ’s. I recommend booking the sloth tour because it is the first thing to do before getting to LFK.

You have the option to book directly with them or with us. There’s no added cost to you either way.
Feel free to visit our website to book your packages Little French Key — ROATAN
We have the flexibility to issue refunds in case you have to cancel.


What is the difference between purchasing the Mayatlantis package and adding the sloth farm activity and the alternative of purchasing the Sloth package and adding the mayatlantis activity? In all regards, I mean.


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Welcome to our community @cwrosales

The difference is that if you add the sloth activity, you’ll have to check in first in Little French Key and then go to the sloth farm. The sloth farm is not located in LFK. Our driver will have to take you to the place and then go back to LFK. If you book the Sloth Farm + Full Island our driver will drop you off at AJ’s for the sloth activity and then you will enjoy the rest of the day in LFK!! However, you can book either package. It’s up to you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you!
Do you include transportation from the hotel and back when booking a package at the web site?

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Yes! Every package includes roundtrip transportation. We will arrange your pick-up after you book.

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