Places to take a COVID TEST


COVID testing is available for US citizens and all tourists in need of a test before leaving the country. PCR and Antigen tests are available in Honduras, and results are giving within 72 hours. Individuals are responsible for contacting a clinic for appointments. Prices range from $70.00+. Places where foreigners can get tested in Roatan:

  • Anthony Key’s Clinic 9450-3253
  • Island Med Clinic 2445-1221/9509-3353
  • Unimed Urgent Care 9560-9945
  • Woods Clinic +1 305 744-2365
  • Clinica Esperanza Roatan 9776-2120
  • Laboratorios MOBI 9622-1829

Travelers must take their passport when performing the COVID test, as the information on the results must match your passport name and number.