POLL: Happy with RECO Online?

Are you happy with the new RECO Online Payments?

Take anonymous POLL: We value your opinion!

  • I Love the new Portal
  • It’s about time, a step forward
  • I have not used it yet
  • I am indifferent
  • I do not like it

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Nice add on though. I think this can only be a good thing, especially for those who lake daily transportation.


Need more time to really say for sure, but so far so good.

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Getting better RECO…getting Better…


Cheapest Power in the Bay Islands, More reliable than Mainland Honduras and more technologically advanced than most Caribbean Islands

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Thank you for putting out the pole. Wish more would weigh in…


Without a doubt, Online is Better.


Ok, here is my thorough review. I love this system when it works. It works approximately 50% so far. When operational it is a breeze to pay your bill or bills. I have now twice been kicked off the system with it telling me I do not have an account. I then must contact the customer service to get them to send a password reset…not sure how that is a fix, but it is. I then make the payment only to find out the following month I must repeat the process all over again. This would not be so bad if the CS would respond to emails…they do not respond easily.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and if so,do you have a better remedy? I have never found it so hard to give a company a chunk of money.