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Hello! I am planning to spend several months volunteering in Roatan beginning in April. However, I also teach ESL courses online, and will need to continue doing this while I’m there. I am wondering if anyone can tell me about the internet speed/availability on Roatan (Sandy Bay and West End). Specifically, does anyone know what the fastest internet USB stick I could get through Tigo, Claro, etc. is? I’m just not sure what is available. I have lived and taught from a Carribean island before so I know the infrastructure is probably there, I’m just having trouble finding actual mbps speeds. Thank you in advance for your help!


Hello @victoriah310 and thank you for posting on this Forum. You are correct. The infrastructure is already here. Internet speeds are not exactly on par with speeds in the US, but you should absolutely be able to establish a cable connection in Sandy Bay and or in West End.

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From DAVID McCOOL: “Sticks are all 3G. The island does not have 4G or LTE. Sticks also have to be reloaded, as you can only get 5 gb at a time, which means taking the stick to a store and risking viruses. I speak from experience. Cable is faster and more reliable. I think your bigger problem will be the constant random power outages from RECO. Find a rental with backup generator and cable internet with wi-fi and you are all set! Good luck!”

Flyer from Cable Color:
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