Reservations or not?

We are thinking of coming to LFK on Feb. 5. Do we need to make a reservation and pay beforehand, or can we meet your drivers outside of gate 1, get transported to LFK and decide on a package and pay once we arrive? Also, are there any advantages to paying in cash, such as not having to pay the 19% tax, or has that ended?


You’re best bet is to purchase ahead of your arrival. This ensured a driver is there and looking for you.

All reputable operations are required, by law, to collect taxes.

How many are in your party? Anyone with military service?

Email is here for a list of potential discount codes which may allow you to offset the tax exposure:

Book here when you’re ready:


Please book with confidence through our website:
However, if you want to come and you don’t have a reservation you are always welcome, just make sure to get to our drivers who will supply you with the transportation to our private resort. We recommend to book prior to your arrival due to high season, we are accepting a limited amount of reservations.

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Thanks for your response. We will have 6 adults and 3 children under 12 yrs. of age.
I am a veteran having served in the U.S. Air Force and am the only member in our group with a military background. How would I apply a discount if booking online?
Thank you!


Email us and we will send you the discount code you will need at checkout.

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