Roatan Bloggers Needed


Good day friends,

We are looking to add 100 blog post to our site and would like to engage the various vantage points we might have among our members. In other words, we do no wish to have one person generate all articles. We are looking for the follow areas to be represented in our online community:

  • Island Life (expats only) - 20 articles
  • Scuba Diving - 20 articles
  • Real Estate - 20 articles
  • Things to Do - 20 articles
  • Non-profits - 20 articles

Total = 100 articles

We do not want to add all articles at once, but rather prefer to add 10 articles each month to our blog, or two articles per subject matter.

Each article should include:

  • 300-word minimum
  • Three photos
  • Original Content Only
  • Must be grammatically correct
  • Pay per article = $20.00
  • All articles will be credited to the author
  • Payment will be made via PayPal only

All articles must be approved before you write them as we want to be sure we aren’t getting too many articles on the same subject.

If you know of anyone who can produce the above, please let me know or have them contact me directly via this platform.

I would love to help please check out my facebook page Our Journey to Roatan

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Ok, will do. Is there a link to your blog?

Hello Reggie,

I found your facebook page:

It looks good. Our aim is to get other to contribute to the blog page for Roatan Online Community. We do run all our content through a copyrighted program to ensure that we are not copying and pasting content already found elsewhere on our website. We do this to ensure that Google doesn’t deem us a “copycat” site.

We welcome you to write a blog post under the terms we outlined in the ad. Just help us make sure that whatever you submit is original and does not already live elsewhere on the internet.

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Hello RoatanReggie,

We are in receipt of your blog submission. I’ll send you a private message asking you for the email address you associate with your PayPal. We’ll issue you payment today and post the new blog post today as well.

Thank you again,