Roatan Deals, Tips, & Tricks

I thought creating this topic would assist those traveling to Roatan for the first time and returning island guests. The internet may be huge, but many travelers still have difficulty finding the information they need. Hopefully, this topic and forum will clarify and make things easier for Roatan Island guests.

Many here probably make a living through tourism services. I hope this doesn’t come across as a sells pitch, but our new excursion offers something I haven’t seen on the island before. Purchased separately, especially through the cruise lines, this would cost an arm and a leg!

So, if I can save a traveler money and make them fall in love with Roatan…I’ve done my job.

Hers it is:


I agree with this. Another way this community page can help. Not only will travelers finds operators easier…they will find the right operators in my view :wink:

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