One way ticket

Hello from Germany!

Me and my Brother want to start a new life on Roatan.

We both are now in management positions in different Companies, but we noticed that we are just working, and don’t enjoy the life anymore.

Since Roatan was recommended by many friends to visit and have a wonderful time,
We decided to take it one step further.

We already found a business on Roatan which we would like to buy, but there are several questions I can’t find the answer to through Google.

So I hope someone here can help me.

Best wishes, and stay healthy,

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Good morning;
I will be happy to communicate with you regarding Roatan and possibilities there. I would suggest you start here There is a ton of information on that web site especially in the Buyer’s Guide and the "All You Need To Know’ video series. The past Newsletter links are also valuable. Feel free to email me at Best regards, Larry