Roatan Progressive Web App


On may 9th, 2018 we we announced the purchase of the domain name “Roatan.App” which is the first domain extension with built-in “https” securities.

Roatan Progressive Web App

Today, we’re bringing you the first look at our BETA version of the Progressive Web App we’re building. We are doing this for two reasons:

  1. We’d like you to contact us if you would like your place of business or services to be included in the app.
  2. We’d like to hear from you with regards to any areas for improvements or request for future build-outs.

You can see the app at work at The.Roatan.App []. There is still much more work to be done before we formally announce and release the full app, but we thought we would share an early prototype with you here so that you can help us build the best app for Roatan.


In the days to come, we will be releasing a newsletter outlining our progress, our goals, and our approach to mobile response web applications. We hope you’ll take a moment to think through our strategy with us and that you’ll let us know your thoughts.

-Roatan Online


A massive step forward in terms of available Roatan Apps. Great start.


  • Realtor Lists
  • RealEstate listings
  • Tour operator List

How does one get their business listed on the app? - thank you.


During the BETA phase, we are adding qualified and established businesses to the app free of charge. We just need the following:

  1. Up to 5 photos of your place of business or services.

  2. A short blurb of ORIGINAL content describing your business or services (no copy and paste from other websites)

  3. Your address, or directions to your establishment, or the GPS coordinates to your location.

In the future, we’ll offer a paid option to get listed on the app. Inclusion into the app will always be free for members of the Roatan Tourism Bureau.

I agree, consider adding a pro section for individuals: Dive Instructors, Lawyers, Realtors, etc…

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Yes, we will.

In fact @jorgechavezonroatan might be our first realtor listed :wink: - or maybe @Larry32roatan (?)

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Yes. The last time I looked RE/MAX as a company ( @Larry32roatan ) was on there.


Hello @Larry32roatan , this is for the web application:

We are adding a section to list reputable realtors.

What we need per individual:
*profesional profile image
*short bio and area of expertise (island or territory of specialty)

We have added a new section to our Web App: “Professional Services”

As you are able, please visit the new PRO SERVICES section and let us know what you think.

The East End Roatan Property Management became the first to be listed in this section. Thank you @EastEndManager for the support. Let us know what you think of your Listing.

Steady progress…


The new section looks great. Thank you for putting the app together.


In looking over what you’ve done with the “pro services” section, I think focusing on the physical locations is best. If you add individuals you’ll have a harder time linking them to a map, which I see is a key component on the app.


This is definitely good. I like the new EAST EAST PROPERTY listing. Consider:

  1. Listing a management group on Roatan’s West End…
  2. Listing actual properties managed by both East End and West End property managers.

I agree…no real need for Realtors section as you wont be able to pin them down on a map, but you might list the location of known and established Realtor Offices…

Keep up the good work.


Thank you for the feedback. We have received a listing from the East End group and it will be live soon.

Still sourcing the right West End Property Manager, and remain confident we’ll find the right fit soon.


Consider adding more shopping locations, coffee shops, and don’t forget the chocolate factory!


Progressive Web Apps are the way to go. They have the benefits of online browsers as well as most of the benefits of native apps.

Great move and great domain name.

Build it out with confidence. West Bay hotels should be next. Also focus on top tier Vacation rentals.


ReMax is not listed on Roatan.App - Just checked.