Scooter/bike monthly rental

Hi, I will be coming to the island for a month or two to scope out potential properties and business opportunities. Does anyone have any scooter rental recommendations?
Also normally when I do these trips I end up just renting from a local for cheap price. Is policing strict with regards to insurance and papers etc…
Thanks for any help!


Hey i have a potential property you might be interested in i do lease or rental. Call 95115809 if interested

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West End Scooters are a reputable firm in West End across from the church. No insurance or papers needed here just a valid drivers license. With that said, driving around on scooters is very dangerous on our roads due to very busy taxi traffic and regular business traffic…I’ve witnessed and heard of too many visitors thinking there are right of way rules and getting seriously injured. I suggest an inexpensive car rental like Ernesto Zelaya or Roacar.

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