Long term rental options

Hi, I am planning to move to Roatan a year from now, but will be on the island for two weeks beginning this March 18th, staying in West End. While I’m there, is there a reputable real estate agency that deals with long-term rentals that could show me what my budgeted rental expense could get me in/near West End or possibly Mangrove Bight. eg $400/mth vs $500/mth vs $600/mth?
I would like it to be within walking distance of West End, and preferably near other expats.


Highly recommend Marci Wiersma at About Roatan Real Estate. She was super while we were on the island and is helping us purchase a property to build on in about a year. Hope this helps.


Thanks, appreciate it!


Hello @NemosBuddy, and welcome to our forum. @Anna has help others who have visited this forum in the past, and I think you may consider reaching out to her (Anna@Moskowitzhq.com). You may also consider @Larry32roatan - with Remax (larry@roatan-realtor.com). Best of luck.

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Hi there. Around $500/month can get you a one bedroom in Sandy Bay. Rental pricing is going up. Closer to $800/month for a two bedroom. Both in Sandy Bay.
Either are walking distance to West End. I can ask a friend in West end to see if her place are booked. Where are you staying in West End? Contact me privately Anna@moskowitzhq.com