Sotheby's in Roatan?



Just received a google alert that there is a Sotheby’s franchise being opened in Roatan…Can anyone tell me if this is, in fact, the case?


Yes…they are open in Coral Stone mall. Opened about a month ago.


Yes, @Trish is correct.
You can learn more about Roatan Sotheby’s here:


Hello, folks. Yes, Sotheby’s is new to Roatan. I am not sure if they are an official brokerage, but they have figured out how to promote and sell inventory across various international markets.

With any luck, this will be a good thing for our real estate market.


Yes, their main office is in Sandy Bay on the second floor of the Coral Stone Mall. They have a nice open floor concept office. They have a few realtors already and according to Sotheby’s corporate website, they have a few listings already. Here is the link to those listings:
The local Roatan operation does not appear to have a website.