Tourist in October

Considering a visit at the end of October. Just wanted to see how the virus numbers are and visitors required to quarantin? Thank you for any and all feedback

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Hello @Sleinhart2020

Honduras opened its international airports on August 17th. Several places have been preparing for the opening of the island and some hotels are open to the public. Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport, in the city of Roatán, open from Monday to Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

To ensure the effectiveness of the biosecurity procedures implemented in
air transport, an expedited procedure has been established that implies new requirements in addition to the requirements for entering/leaving the country determined in the Immigration Law, which is:
a) Complete the information at of:

-Make your immigration pre-check

b)passengers must present a negative result of the Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (PCR) in the real-time or rapid test with a minimum specificity of 85%, Sensitivity 98% for COVID-19, carried out in a period not exceeding seventy-two hours (72) before entering the country. In unforeseen circumstances, the passenger will undergo a clinical evaluation by the staff of the International Health Office
c)Comply with the other biosecurity measures established in the protocols of the Secretary of State in the Health Office (mandatory use of a mask)
All travelers must ensure that they meet the requirements to leave the country and enter the country of destination. Compliance with the requirements is the responsibility of each passenger. If a foreign passenger develops respiratory symptoms or shows signs or symptoms compatible with a contagious
disease, including COVID-19, they will undergo the process established in the protocol of biosecurity measures for international airports in Honduras (Civil Aviation Industry)

It is reiterated to the population to take into account all the biosecurity measures that have been implemented and to be at least three (3) hours before their flight in the corresponding airport. Also, make sure to have on hand your hotel reservation as a safe-conduct.

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