Vacation Rental Vs. Longterm Rental

Hello Everyone! First time posting on this page! I would like to get some positive feedback from some of you that have lived in the island long term… my husband and I are building a small apartment complex in Roatan. And although we new we wanted to build in Roatan as we feel in love with everything there we are still debating on wether we will rent out on a daily basis or monthly. I’m actively in marketing in The States, but not sure where to start out in Roatan to engage if I go for vacation rental. I have taken in consideration the location & attractions nearby. I would love to know how many of you started. :blush: open to suggestions! And Thank You!

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I have a beachfront home that I would rent out when I wasnt here living in it. If you plan to not be living here when you are renting out, the first order of business is to acquire a property manager. There are a few businesses that do that sort of work but they are going to be costly. That said, if you rent out for a long term (3 months or more) there will be less wear and tear on your apartments. If you do daily rentals and such it will be a nightmare on cleaning the units every other day, etc. Most luck I had in obtaining a good rental pool (besides listing on the FaceBook Roatan pages) is Airbnb or Flipkey. A long term unit is rare and usually snatched up quickly due to the rarity. When you rent it out: is the bottle water included? what about the RECO? WIFI? these are requests and you’ll have to provide those services to be marketable. Let me know if you want to dive deeper into a Q&A with me.


Carol Thank You so much for info, I would Love to chat more with you and others, I will not currently be living in Roatan so that is why I am trying to decide on wether I will rent out short vs long term! And although we have become a little more familiar with the Island there is a lot I still have to learn! This is our first journey in Rental Properties and want to get as many advice as possible on pros and cons!

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