Are ATV's or Golf Carts Acceptable Transportation On-Island?



Can anyone tell me if a modified golf cart *slightly lifted) or ATV/Razor are acceptable modes of transportation in lieu of a cart, scooter or motor cycle as I am looking to have one shipped down if we decide to relocate/retire on Roatan? Thank you.


In my opinion, not…or it depends on the level of modification. Neighborhood Electronic Vehicles (NEV’s) are designed and intended for neighborhood usage. Most NEV’s are not configured with enough “horse power” to adequately navigate the open road. More over, they lack the safety features to withstand a collision.

Here is the best NEV forum around. Try posing your question there and an expert is sure to respond:

Finally, if the question is “Can I get away with it?” - then my response changes. You could likely get away with it and, in fact, many 4-wheelers and scooters already do get around in Roatan.

Good luck to you.


Hello @wheels48, I agree with @DeepThinker - the answer here is a function of your risk profile and the environment you intend to move around in.

I enjoy getting around in scooters, but I see too many accidents related to scooters on Roatan. Sure, most of the scooter drivers are tourist who might be riding for the first time, but believe me, the Taxi drivers can be careless as well.


Hi Deep Thinker,

What I was really talking about if not a Golf Cart or NEV would be a 4 wheeler very similar to the attached picture or similar variations. Nothing crazy we are looking for alternative to a car to be able to carry groceries, etc. to and from our place or to travel from one end of the island to the other with ease. Please advise if you can and I will also look at the link you provided. Thank you very much.


Now you’re cooking with Gas. I don’t see that being an issue. Here is a response from two facebook users which speak more to the NEV question…Both shed insite into key considerations.



With this, you’ll be considered Royalty on Roatan! - It is nicer and more powerful than 90% of vehicles in its class on the island and likely in better condition than most taxi’s!


Did you see the pic I sent of really what I would rather get around in, or a dialed down version of this, which I think would be safer if it were to be allowed? Please give feedback. Thank you.


Yes, the photo came over just fine in your last post. See additional feedback above.


I like the way you all think! Now I know what we will drive around in on-island. May bring a couple.


I feel a SXSW UFC is excellent, I have a 2016 Yamaha viking with almost 3k miles on it, shipped here new from Miami.


Excellent @Eric_George, thank you. How does if fair with the “salty air” environment?


wash her regularly, spray some wd40 and touch up rust with rustoleum, I would hate not having her. Most that tell you is is bad to import, never did it