Car Insurance and ATM/Credit Card Advice

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Heading to Roatan for about 5 weeks in the new year.

I’ve read various things about car rentals in Roatan but remain confused about insurance. Some have suggested there is no insurance when it comes down to being a foreigner etc.? Would appreciate some advice on what we should make sure we have in regards to insurance as we intend on renting a car.

I’ve also read differing opinions on the safety of using ATMs (machines being hacked or being robbed after using it). Others have said they are safer than they used to be?

Would also appreciate hearing some advice on using credit cards. Normally when we travel we put most purchases on our card. I understand some places may not accept cards which is fine. Has anyone experienced problems with a credit card being compromised?

Thanks for any thoughts!

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Hi, we have been here for 7ish weeks now.In that time we have rented 4 cars. 3 times the insurance was covered in the cost of the vehicle, +tax of course. The other was a private rental and there was no insurance on that.
We have used the ATM at West Bay multiple times, between 9:30 am and 3:30 pm, and not had an issue. We use that one because of the security person but also are very aware of who else is around and may be watching. We also use CC for most purchases and find only the smaller stores tend to have cash only payment. 8% is added to the bill to cover the bank fee.
As always, be aware of where you are and who else is around at all times. Just like you would anywhere else in the world.

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No issues with credit cards in most bigger businesses. One issue is many do not allow the tip on the credit card unless you say you want to add a tip before the card is processed.

Cash and ATM during regular hours in the PetroSun, BIP or the Banks no issue. Stay alert as with any city.

Thanks everyone! Appreciate the feedback. I think our plan is to have the driver picking us up at the airport stop at Eldons on the way for groceries. We will spend a couple days relaxing before we decide about the car. If you have a good rental place or any other helpful tips let me know!

Happy Holidays!

Ask your USA car insurer if your policy covers foreign car rentals.
In most restaurants, hotels you can use credit card; however, not American Express (don’t know why). Some tour places are not set up for credit cards. Don’t bother getting lempiras, they accept USA dollars. Just make sure it is not “broken money”, e.g. no ripped bills or bills that have writing on it. SOME restaurants allow you to add tip to the bill, some don’t. Check your receipt before paying: ISV is the Honduran tax.
15% = food tax.
18% = alcohol tax.
If you see “propina” that means they have already added a tip for the server. If it isn’t on there, make sure to tip your server. That is how they make most of their money.

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Thanks for the info on tipping! What are the general guidelines for tipping folks in various service roles?

We use the ATM at Eldons and have never had an issue. Welcome to the island- have a wonderful time!

Rentals will require you to pay insurance. Some companies will allow a purchase pre arrival which is cheaper but read fine print. Do no, do not rent from Sixth! You can not choose to use your personal ins as you can on rentals in US.

If you are planning on using the car daily, then do it. If not, call a taxi. It’s a lot cheaper than renting. A person here rented a car and the key broke when he turned the ignition. He was bamboozled into paying for a replacement, $150.00, which was outrageous. I’ve been here 5 weeks and have had to use a taxi 5 times. A lot cheaper than renting a car for days, especially when it sits on the driveway unused. Rental rates are from $30 to $70 a day. Determine how often you will use it first and be sure to be clear about insurance and other charges.

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Thanks everyone. Appreciate all the advice…

We tip 15 to 20%. :lizard::sunglasses:

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