Covid Requirements 2023

Howdy All, headed down to Roatan later this week and have filled out the gobs of paperwork the rest of world has decided is no longer necessary when traveling abroad. Is entry as strict as it feels before even packing my last bag? What about masking on the island in warm sunny weather, still happening and enforced? Seems we and dozens of other countries dropped these mandates as far back as Q2-2022. All sarcasm aside, I’m really trying to get a better understanding of how stringent entry is at immigration and what the vacation will be like if required to mask 24/7? Any and all insight is welcomed, especially from recent and repeat visitors. Thanks!

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The requirements to enter the country are still the same. The mask is not mandatory, many people don’t use it in public places, but if it’s required in a specific place, you must use it. You can be on the beach without it. Hope this helps.

The airport and the banks require mask. I haven’t seen it required anywhere else.

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