Winter 2021-2022 Visit to Roatan

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I will be leaving frigid Maine, USA and spending 3 months in Roatan this coming winter. I am receiving conflicting input on what COVID measures are in place. The official government site say masks are required in public and there is a 10PM - 5AM curfew in place. However, I have watched several live videos of happy visitors dining, dancing and otherwise behaving normally. Which is it please?


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I’ll leave the new requirements below,

There is a national curfew from 10:00 pm.

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Thank you for the entry requirements and curfew notice. Very helpful. In general, however, how is life on the island with COVID? Restaurants, bars and shops open? Tourists and cruise ships visiting or is it a ghost town? Masks required in public places - indoors, outdoors? Thank you again.


Places are open now. Some places required use of masks and some don’t. Tourists are visiting and cruise ships are already docking. Feel free and welcome to visit the island!

Just wondering if there are many places to purchase or take a pcr test and cost.
Negative pcr required for flight home.

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Check our previous topics below:

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Thank you for the information. Very helpful on return to USA. My question, however, was not so much COVID testing related, but rather quality of life. I have my vacs and hope to have a booster as well before I visit. Are establishments open and people having fun on Roatan or is it some sort of morbid ghost town/

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No, its not a ghost town although there’s still national curfew, but people are going out. Everything’s open. Regarding quality of life, here are some topics from our community that may help clarify your question.

You state that the travelers must have a vaccine card with either 2 or a single dose of Janssen? What is Janssen? Here in canada we have pfizer, Moderna and astra zeneca… can you please clarify.
Additionally, im reading that the current vaccination rate is aprox 25% is this true?

The Janssen is the Companies of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceuticals, which is only 1 shot. If you have Pfizer, Moderna or astrazeneca you have to be vaccinated with two full doses with a time greater than 14 days from your last shot. That’s the only way your vaccination card will work without showing a negative result for a PCR or Rapid Test taken less before 72 hours before entry into Honduras.

Thank you, can you please advise if those that have 2 doses but they are from different companies are allowed entry. For example in canada many received the astra zeneca shot for their first and then moderna or pfizer as their second shot.
As well, as requested can you please advise what the current vaccination rate is for locals.

As long as you have your two doses and 14 days have passed since your last shot, you can enter with your vaccination card. In regards to the vaccination rate, it is uncertain, however it is said that 20.24% of Honduras population is completely vaccinated, and 31.09% vaccinated with a single dose. However, this may or may not be accurate.

Mixed doses not only accepted but also used in Honduras.