Ferry from La Ceiba to Roatan

There are two daily ferry rides between La Ceiba and Roatan. The AM ferry departs on or about 9 am. The PM ferry departs around 2 pm. The Galaxy Wave Company is the primary charter for these vessels.


From La Ceiba to Roatan departs at 930am and again at 430pm
From Roatan to La Ceiba departs at 700am and again at 200pm


Ferry rides last about an hour and a half. But depending on the time of year, with summers being the busiest, be sure to set time aside to get through ticketing. Like in air travel, we recommend you arrive one hour ahead of the departure time.

Motion Sickness

Generally speaking, the outbound ride from La Ceiba to Roatan is the bumpiest. The ferry travels against the wind and the waves, and this can make for a rough ride. The return trip, from Roatan to La Ceiba travels with the waves and is less choppy.

Ticket Types

There are two offerings. You can purchase a standard ticket for what amounts to $65. First class tickets are priced at $75 dollars.


  • Adults $65 Regular Class / $75 First Class
  • Children $33 Regular Class / $39 First Class
  • Seniors $49 Regular Class / $57 First Class
  • Children under 4 travel free

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I recently used this ferry. The way up from La Ceiba to Roatan was brutal! I almost did not make it up to the mainland on a ferry…but I had already paid for the round trip, so I boarded again after a few days, and the return was surprisingly comfortably. Smooth sailing on the return trip.

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FOOTNOTE: Be sure to take motion sickness pills well ahead of departure…read the instructions. Don’t expect to take a pill on the ferry and avoid getting sick.