Travel from Belize City


What’s the best / most affordable way to get from Belize city to Roatan ?



It looks like you have a few options via air travel.



Hey @Georges2019,

Direct flights are better to get here faster but I also found an interesting option,
Probably would take you a few days but you might get a whole travel experience !

There is a boat in Belize called the Pride of Belize, you can buy the tickets at Bearfoot Beach Bar the boat will take you to Puerto Cortes, Honduras then take Hedman Alas bus from San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba, once in La Ceiba you just need to take the Galaxy Ferry to get to Roatan. :hugs:


@loaroa, Excellent research…but I think you’re right…flying is the best option as it will take less time.


We have utilized Tropic Air many times and it is a quick and easy commute of 45 minutes. They may not be the cheapest (I have not compared in a while) but always get the job done efficiently.