Flights to RTB from SAL

I’m looking for people’s advice traveling from the west coast of the US to Roatan. I noticed almost every flight I tried to book out of Portland transfers in San Francisco landing in San Salvador. But, there’s only 30 minutes layover time in SAL. Do we have to pass through customs in San Salvador before getting on our connecting flight to Roatan or would we directly board our flight to Roatan and take care of Customs when we get to Roatan? I can’t see any way we could depart our flight plane, get through customs and board our flight to Roatan in 30 minutes. When we look way up the price range there are some flights that come out of Miami but those tickets are at least double and become cost-prohibitive for us. We’re really looking forward to Roatan and don’t want to have to waste a night in San Salvador waiting for the next day’s flight. Thanks for your advice!


If I remember correctly, yes you do have to pass through customs. This is especially true if the SAL to RTB flight is outsourced to a smaller carrier.

This sounds like it would be a good question for the airline itself. What airline are you traveling on?

If you were traveling into SAP (San Pedro Sula), you WOULD have to go through customs. Then you would board a second airlines (likely CM Airlines) and be on your way. Or you would flight direct from the US to RTB.

Have you considered flying through Houston?..IAH to RTB on United?

@Bob I would start by contacting the airline as this involved another country…el Salvador, and things can be different there than they are in Honduras.

Flying through Houston is a good idea.

Just saw this post so my answer may be a little late, perhaps it will help someone else. We are booked on that same flight in September and our guests have used it many times. No, you do not go through customs and immigration in El Salvador when you are on a connecting flight directly to another country, in this case Honduras. El Salvado does not require passengers in transit to clear customs and immigration so long as they just transiting through the airport, there are many other countries that do the same, unlike the U.S.

San Salvador airport has a secure terminal area that you just get off the plane you are on and go to the next gate and get on your flight to Roatan. You do not collect your luggage, it is checked right through. None of the people we know have missed the connection as both flights are operated by Avianca/Taca, however we do know of one couple that their luggage was delayed and arrived in Roatan the next morning.

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Great timing, thanks! I booked Friday and my wife and I are connecting through SAL 9/18. Avianca customer service couldn’t confirm the transit details prior to booking. The layover on the flight we eventually booked became one-hour instead of the original half hour so I took the chance in case we did have to clear customs. It’s a relief to know this isn’t going to be a rush job connecting.

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Thank you @ZDS - That’s a quality response. We appriciate it.