Need some travel advice from you road warriors

We purchased a home in Roatan and would like to move down. I’m pursuing a job that will allow me to work remotely with some travel. That is where it gets tricky.

From my best research I can only find daily flights from Houston on United and the prices are high, about $1000 round trip.

There must me other road warriors on the island. How the heck do you get back and forth to the US without breaking the bank/budget?

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This is a great question that I have been dealing with as well. We want to go down to look at houses but not stay an entire week. I know that some people fly into San Pedro Sula on the mainland then catch a small plane into Roatan. Check American or Spirit. You may have to go through DFW or MIA, and keep your dates flexible, I think that helps as well. Goo luck!!! I wish we already had our house there!!!


I’ve heard that flying to the Honduras mainland first is a lot cheaper using a Honduras airline.
Although you need to spend the night on the mainland, many people I talked with say this is still cheaper


This website shows airlines that fly direct to Roatan from the USA:

You can see dates of every single flight and what airline.

Helps with planning if you have to fly into a major hub in the USA before flying to Roatan anyway.

Then you can get credit cards with large point bonuses to cover travel costs. For example, the current United bonus would cover two roundtrip flights from Houston to Roatan.

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