Freediving Roatan (Operators)


One of the fastest, if not the fastest, growing sports globally is Freediving. And there are two operators in Roatan currently offering Freediving certifications. The Roatan Freediving School (West Bay) has the longest tenure on the island and it has done much to put Roatan on the map as a preferred freediving destination. In fact, the Caribbean Cup is currently underway in Roatan. The annual competition is taking place in West Bay. The second Freediving operator is Freedive Roatan (Sandy Bay), which is an approved Scuba School International (SSI) Freediving center in Roatan.

The Roatan Freediving School offers Apnea Freediving disciplines. Comparably, Freedive Roatan offers SSI courses which navigate students from the beginning stages of Freediving to more advanced areas of competence.

A growing number of organizations with a long tradition of underwater professionalism like PADI and SSI are now expanding their course offerings to include a wider range of Freediving certifications. It is our belief, that as the sport continues to grow, more and more freedive operators will set up shop in locations like Roatan.

SSI, in particular, is growing its footprint in and around Roatan and they have TOP SHELF scuba centers like Blue Island Divers (@Blueisland) who regularly meet and exceed the expectations of travelers to Roatan.

We encourage you to read more about Freediving and pay particular attention to the breath-holding techniques articulated in this article. You never know, there might be a freediver in you.




Blue Island Divers is excellent. I am not familiar with the SSI Freediving center in Sandy Bay, but SSI is a well regarded SCUBA organization. Some of the best divers I’ve come across are SSI certified divers. If this transfers over to their freediving efforts, Roatan will benefit.


Most people don’t realize how natural Freediving is. The fact is, its an ancient way of fishing and entertainment. Most people who “snorkel” are actually Freediving all the time and there is nothing like it, there is nothing like holding your breath and going deep.

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The sport is growing rapidly. Roatan is perfect for this, especially in or around the West Bay area.