SSI Scuba Facility on Roatan


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Good Morning All,

Thank you for asking about the work. We are proud to continue creating the best facility for our guests while keeping it in an island style environment. The new construction is for several uses. The lower floor will house two new restrooms with an office and retail sales area. The upper floor will house our new classroom.

The restrooms incorporate a urinal for the mens restroom to decrease the water usage in efforts of water conservation. We have already incorporated one in the restaurant restroom with good results. We moved the old restroom across the property to utilize as a separate changing room. This keeps the two separate and much more accommodating for our guests.

The office and retail sales area gives us an official check in area for guest activities and payments. It relieve some of the congestion previously encountered with getting our new divers organized and checked in for activities. It is directly connected to the main deck and bar area and will serve as the main hub of operations. Retail sales will be much more organized and more options available in this area also. Guest lockers will be available to keep their personal belongings organized while diving, snorkeling, or just relaxing.

The second story classroom will serve as our main area for instructing students when needed. Many of our pre-booked guests utilize the online SSI curriculum; however, we enjoy teaching those who simply walk up, or do not have time for online study at home. We are also open to other groups in our area utilizing the classroom for their own presentations or private meetings. No matter if it is church groups, medical groups, sports teams, fellow dive groups; we encourage those in need to contact us if they would like to use the facility. This could be paired well with our restaurant and new addition of kayaks, scuba, snorkeling, or fishing for team building experiences.

Feel free to stop by anytime and I hope we have the construction completed by June 1st. However, sometimes priorities must be juggled to accommodate the budgets. :wink:


You are blessed with a great location. I will try the restaurant, I’ve driven by 100 times!


Thank you @LadyDanger; yes we are very blessed! I will hope to see you there soon.


They added a classroom a deck upstairs, new bathrooms, lockers, an official office and will still have the snacks and drink bar. The restaurant is undergoing a complete revamp also. It looks fabulous so far.


That restaurant was good before the renovation started. I am sure it will be even better now. Very cool and thank you for the intel @ledfutt.

I was in Roatan last week and stopped by for lunch…affirmative! The restaurant is being worked on. Bright colors and excellent wood work going on now.

@Blueisland …Will the name change? if so, I will update website information to reflect the new branding.

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This place is perfectly located in the West End. They have a very nice Latina lady there which was super helpful to us the other day. I forget her name, but she is worth mentioning.

I couldn’t help but notice the hammock setup right in the center of their complex.