Garifuna & Guifity

The Garifuna Celebration is near

Eat, Drink, & be Merry

The time for dancing and celebration is almost upon us. We have added the annual Garifuna Festival in Punta Gorda to our Events Calendar. We will be down in Roatan during these festivities to film the march, the food, and to enjoy the local music alongside a nice tall glass of Guifity…(or maybe not a tall glass).

We’ve also added a permanent article on our main site with more information about the annual Garifuna event.



What a beautiful photo. We will be on the island during the festival, but are likely to stay home!..tooooo many tourists! - That said, if you’ve not been, I strongly encourage you to pay the Garifuna a visit. You’ll get a sense of the heritage and culture of the Garifuna people and their customs.



The celebrations will be in Punta Gorda, I know you’ll be there so take a ton of pictures!!!

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